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Thank you so much for popping by to take a look at my collection of handmade greetings card, it’s lovely to see you. 


Rocky is always beside my desk - I'm sure he loves sparkles as much as I do

I’m Claire, a former primary teacher and library assistant with a lifelong passion for creating cards and gifts for the people I love.

I’ve made cards for as long as I can remember. When we emptied nan’s house after she had died, I was amazed to find she’d kept cards that I had made for her and my Poppa going back years. I hadn’t realised just how much those cards had meant to her.

In a time when emails and text messages seem to be the most common form of communication, why not surprise someone and show them that you are thinking about them.


A handmade card really does mean something special.

Many of my cards are designed to make you smile. Seeing people laugh when they pick up one of my cards is the biggest thrill!


I also offer more traditional cards – it’s so important to me that there is something for everyone in the Little Red Craft Room.

Because I handcraft each card individually, using the highest quality materials, I can offer you the opportunity to customise your card to perfectly match the recipient. 

Birthdays, Christmas or 'Just Because', whatever the occasion, I take great pride in making every card special and unique, all here in My Little Red Craft Room.


Handmade cards for every occasion.
Humorous, quirky, thoughtful - I've something for everyone


Just some of the cards Nan kept from over the years.
The quality has definitely improved - but I am still very partial to googly eyes and sequins.

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